Dear Oregon Providers,

We love you! We admire you. We are grateful for all that you do to serve families as they grow.

We want to work together to improve perinatal outcomes. When healthcare providers oversee medical needs while doulas attend to non-medical needs we provide whole person care.

Families have everything to gain through our partnership.

Let’s forge this path together.


The Doulas

This page will be a place to access information and resources about Oregon Doulas, links to current State requirements and documents concerning Medicaid Reimbursement for doula care. Please be patient while we compile the most up to date resources as we construct this page. Thank you!






Doula Medicaid Reimbursement Resources: 



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  • Doula White paper: "REIMBURSEMENT FOR DOULA CARE: AN OVERVIEW PROCESSES & POTENTIALS FOR OREGON STATE" . Overview: As of January 1, 2014, Oregon Medicaid will give eligible mothers access to doula care in the intrapartum (labor and delivery) period. Qualified, certified doulas will be able to seek reimbursement through stateoutlined pathways, as specified in OARs 410-130-00151 and OARs 410-180-0300 through 410-180-0380.2 This document serves to provide background information to make reimbursement decisions with the goal of consistency across health plans. These OARs resulted from the 2011 legislative passage of HB3650, which “mandates that members enrolled in Medicaid have access to Traditional Health Workers (TWHs) [including doulas] to facilitate culturally and linguistically appropriate care.”