Dear families,

Part of our vision is that every family in Oregon has equal access to compassionate and professional doula care, allowing you to feel supported, empowered and safe, and have better outcomes for you and your baby. We are a professional doula association AND we are also here for you. We would like you to know what a doula is (there are a few different types), understand the potential benefits of doula care, and help you access the services in your area. Below you will find a growing list of resources for you and your family. 


Culturally Specific Doula Programs:


Student Doula Programs:  

Student doulas need to support families before they are officially "trained" or "certified". Often these student doulas provide their care at a minimal cost or free to the client in exchange for a learning experience. Student birth doulas usually provide prenatal visits, birth attendance and postpartum visits as a whole package and postpartum doulas provide a certain number of post partum hours/visits.